The basic Color Corral
- 25 bottles or 15 tubes



Medium size - 100 bottles (10 rows x 10 rows)

The color corral: where crafty meets handy.

You are a decorative painter, hobbyist, pencil artist, jeweler, scrapbooker, wood carver or teacher.

You are creative, productive and your working space reflects this passion.

Over time, you accumulated more supplies and invaluable tools...and realized that organizing them is the best way to take stock of what you have and need, to increase your creative focus and improve your work flow. You may have chosen one of many solutions to regain some space or you evolved organically around your craft....but your eyes and hands sense the need for superior storage or
display that is inviting and user-friendly.

Here is the Color Corral, a wire rack for storing all brands of squeeze paint tubes and 2-ounce bottles, craft and jewelry tools, brushes and color pencils, a mix of the above, cake icing tubes and......whatever you may come up with!
Thanks to its small footprint, you save space in vertical or horizontal positions and you save searching time, thanks to its handy proximity. The custom design is made of steel, attachable to a vertical surface (as a wall or door) and it is transportable and accessorizable.

Hello, I'm Philippe, artist and product developer. I developed this rack concept for my own need and challenged myself to create the simplest design with valued durability. The prototypes meet my objectives. The final product will do the same for you: declutter, organize and protect the objetcs you love and make them ready to use. Since your creative workspace is a luxury, your supplies and tools deserve the tidiest organization and cleanup is easier. Maximize your art space and time, save your wrists, by considering the Color Corral. Members of the Coast-to-the-Cascades chapter of the Society of Decorative Painters gave it thumbs up.
I will initiate production in 2017. Look for progress on this page.

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