Organization begins before you’re looking to de-clutter busy rooms of your home, so that you’re not constantly scrambling to find things.Organization and storage solutions in your kitchen or home office ensure that all of your important information and items are close at hand.
All organizers compartmentalize your supplies, so that you can easily find what you need, without wasting time.
Now, here is one for the crafty crowd.



Stack It EZ with your Studio Mate:

It's a rotary, vertical supply organizer and display unit



A "Case" Situation:

An artist sits to work on a project. Conveniently,
he/she assembles the necessary supplies and
tools nearby. A painter, for example, stores
tubes and brushes in a shoe box, an attaché
case or a tackle/tool box.
When replenishing the palette with a specific
color, he/she reaches for that tube, stored
loosely in the shoe box or arranged in the bin.
Since a bin has a number of drawers, which
are pulled up and out, it's stowed on the floor
or placed on an elevated surface. It takes a little
effort to find or reach for a specific item.
The drawers include fixed compartments, yet
the tubes vary in number and sizes. The bottom
of the bin is shallow, limiting the space for storing
loose or orderly supplies and tools, when closed.
Similarly, an artist using an attaché case would
have accumulated some amount of tubes, so
the search for that one tube can take a little
longer. “Where is that color X?” The artist's
hands wade through the heap of misshapened
tubes. Additionaly, loose tubes get dinged,
ooze out their onctuous pigment and smear
other tubes and the hands. Some caps may be
loose. A colorful, oxidizing mess evolves in time.
The artist is annoyed or bothered with each search.
Time and energy were wasted.
An organized painter may seem better off, when
his/her tubes are fanned out or lined up horizontally, so the colors are recognizable.
When the tube collection increases, as with any
productive artist, the rows of tubes will have to be
spread out further, like toy soldiers or line dancers.
The artist may then feel the back pain or muscle
strain, reaching for a select tube of paint,
whether sitting or getting up, if physically able.
This arrangement imposes an effort that is
inefficient and another waste of time and energy;
also, it occupies surface space, which is a luxury
for many individuals.
Similar “cases” can be made for crafters and other
creative, productive individuals, in the workshop,
research laboratories, etc. The solution is a Studio Mate!



The Benefits:

- A vertical storage system which
saves time, space and effort.
- Requires no power source.
- Accessorizable.
- Sized for multi-use by artists,
home and school crafters,
physically-challenged creatives,
laboratory testers, and
as a countertop or wall display
of retail merchandise.
- Transportable.

The Features:

- A universal, vertical organizer
for table-top or wall.
- Light, durable, rust-proof materials.
Easy assembly.
- One bridge secures two panels
and includes a movable spring
to stock fine tools, such as brushes.
- Two back-to-back gridded panels,
for rapid storage, secured onto
the base, a wall or a door.
- Supplied with colored peg hooks
and accepts slatwall display hooks.
- Six shelves snap into repositionable slots.
- Six holding rods, for securing
paint tubes against panels.
- One strong base, in which are seated
the panels and a tray.
- Rounded corners on the base, for safe
handling while turning.
- The base can be used separately as
a work surface or to rest hot tools.
- An optional tray slides freely between
the panels, upon the base.
- A rotary mechanism supports the base.
- Accessories include springs, rods,
shelves, tube racks, colored hooks
and pencil pods.

It's Patented!

This product was developed by artist Philip J. Plouchart
(Granted U. S. Utility Patent # 7,537,125 B2)



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