A tondo is an image framed inside a circular frame. The name originated in the Early Renaissance (1500s) period of Italy, as a "rotondo" - the Italian word for round. Rotondos were hand-painted images on canvas or boards, fit into mostly hand-carved round wood frames, destined for high society collectors.

Contemporarily, round and oval image formats are created generaly for photographic images.

Modern frames that match them are available from art and framing galleries, priced proportionally.

I am offering this hand-crafted round product in a more affordable price range, in five sizes.

Custom and large orders are accepted: portraits, animals, scenes, logos, graphics, etc. Contacts - below.

A quality product for fundraising!
A new product = new Possibilities

For décor, promotion, a gag, trophy, etc.

Product specifications

Name : TONDO - a lightweight, framed round poster, ready to hang.

Materials : a choice of glossy paper or stretched digital canvas; UV inks; UV varnish; round metal frame; chrome or glossy black edge (frame), with a protective film; edge can be embellished with foil; no glass necessary.

Available sizes : 8.5" — 12.5" — 16.5" — 22.5" — 25"

Production time: within 24 hours for the first unit(s), will vary relative to the size of your order.

Manufacture: Solely custom-made in Sacramento, California. Free delivery to local vendor(s). Packaging and shipping charges apply to destinations beyond Sacramento.

Costs: Full and minimal ink coverages, same price. For specific job pricing, furnish details to:

Images: Any fine resolution art, graphic, photo, digital image or mountable fabric(i.e. t-shirts). Scanning or photo touch-up is available and charged separately.

Guarantee: any product defect will be corrected or replaced, at no charge to the purchaser.


Sample Designs, Available:

Master Bouquet 001

Master Bouquet 002

Master Bouquet 003

Master Bouquet 004

Master Bouquet 005

Master Bouquet 006

Master Bouquet 007

Master Bouquet 008

Master Bouquet 009

Master Bouquet 010

Deco plate 01

Pizza Poster

Texan sizes pizza poster
( 25" diameter )

Monet scape*

Emblem of Sicily

The Observable Universe by Pablo Budassi

Genealogy (Family) Tree



Floral 01 - Coloring poster

Jesus/the 4 Apostles

"Our Father" Prayer*

Agent of the Merciful

Scroll Skull*

Chagall ceiling / Paris Operal

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